Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Random Self

I have been in a Romantic mood of late, and I thought to honor romantic nature I would dedicate a post to the feeling :D

I can't decide if this girl is dreaming about living in a castle, or having thoughts about leaving home?


Some more daydreaming :D

Waiting for love, or heartbreak.

Anyway, whether you have been in a romantic mood or not I hope you liked the pictures.


Tristans_Isolde said...

Those pictures were so lovely! It makes me wish I lived in those times- with castles and knights, and of course those gorgeous dresses!

Anonymous said...

This is a random question; I am dying to know to which movie the fourth quote and picture belong. I also want to know to which movie the first quote belongs.

Sarah Thomsen said...

The first quote belongs to the movie 'Little Dorrit'...
and the fourth is from a very good, underrated movie only published in the UK, called
'The Abduction Club' :D

Thank you for reading my blog!