Monday, February 28, 2011

The Abdution Club --Updated!

Okay so a while ago I posted about this movie, and it's beautiful costumes.
If you did not read the last post about this movie, I want to clarify a few things about it. The name is misleading I know, but it is really the cutest movie and relitevly clean.

Set in the 1700's Byrne and Strang -two younger sons of aristocrats- are part of a club, the abduction club; it's purpose is to kidnapp heiresses and marry them for their fortune. That would secure their futures and most likely land them with a beautiful bride.
But when Garrett Byrne kidnapp's Miss Catherine Kennedy, he has more to deal with then just a rejection to his proposal; James Strang has kidnapped Catherine's younger sister Anne... and she won't be rescued!
So what is Catherine to do but go along with her headstrong sister, and the two dashing young men that are slowly winning their hearts.
I will tell you the end of the story -as you can not buy the movie in US dvd format-
In the end the girls are 'rescued' and the men are sentenced to hang.
But as they have the rope around their neck, their group of masked friends somehow manage to save them; and James and Garrett ride to sweep their loves off their feet.
And just like the old disney cartoons, they ride off into the sunset.
Like I said a sweet movie :)

You only see this dress at a glance and behind a cloak, but I like the shape of the bodice anyway.

Okay, this is probably the best view of the hem of her blue dress.

I have to say... this dress would be prettier if she did not have the dark pink ruffle.
NOTE: We don't like the guy here :)

This is one of my favorite of Anne's gowns.

Here is where the cloak covers that bodice... I like the way Catherine wears her scarf.
I would like to take a better look at Anne's coat, it looks like the sleeve is tucked up on the inside of the sleeve but drapes on the outside?

The first time the girls meet their prospective 'other's'... and Anne's cape drapes in the back
Here again you can see the ruffle gracing the edge of her coat, probable makes it's way all the way down to the hem.

I wonder were you an find lace like this? I could not see where the bodice comes apart... whatever.
I can't chose which is my favorite gown, probable the blue only because I look yack in yellow ;) And even though I am sewing one for someone, I want to make another of these coats.
That dress has to be heavy....
Note: If any guy is reading my blog... corsets coming up!!!
I wondered if they would show them in the movie, and I was happy when they did. I always want to see them... always wanting to improve my corset making skills.

Eventually the girls change into comfortable clothes.

I like Catherine's, with the blue skirt and the white shirt... it just looks right.

I REALLY wanted to see more of her cape. I think the 'cape' part is velvet, and the shoulders are a silky fabric.
Anne's cape.
I know the girls have matching dresses... with a -almost- sari fabric and billowy tulle sleeves.
Catherine's is the only one that gets screen time.

And it seem's that it is a simple silky skirt. At the trial, Anne wears the same cloak and dress. LOVE this one!

If I made Anne's dress, I would not have the tabs on the bottom of the bodice... and I adore Catherine's dress!
Catherine's gowns seem to be of the 'double skirt' style, and Anne's mostly separate skirt and bodice. Oooh, I love the back of this dress too! And notice the gather at the sleeve.

I just loved this photo :)
Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade, Masquerade!

I think it's time to post about the Masquerade Ball I had in August 2010...

My Aunt and Uncle Brooks were kind to let us use their awesome yard! Empty space for dancing, a wood for epic picture's and a lake for magical effect!

I think a Masquerade Ball, is just an excuse in itself to take fabulous pictures!

Like I said :)

My dear friend Melanie had the awesome idea to hang a frame from a tree in the yard, and it was just that a great idea!
Some crazy characters showed up too! This guy was the only person I could not recognize!
Micaiah, Melanie and Matthew Thomas <3

The lovely Murray ladies <3

And not forgetting the time of praise and worship we were able to have... thanks to my new friend Albert, cousin Joshua

And Malena
These guys made their masks!

Dashing gentlemen...

and dashing rouge's.
Zorro and his lady.

James Strang ;)
Dancing together.
And of course the end had to come, but I hop I can have another before long.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amanda Beth's Giveaway

My friend Amanda is having a givaway on her blog with Shaealynns fairy shoppe

so be sure to check it out...

there are some really sweet peices going :)