Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Save a Life Movie

OK, what if you were the 'cool kid' in school had the 'hot' girlfriend and were on the way to a basketball future?
What if your best friend from 1st grade is now the object of your jokes and cruelty?
What would you do if he killed himself in the school hallway?

Jake feels Robert's death is his fault, so he goes to a youth pastor and asks for guidance.
It results in his baptism, and his turning towards those 'other kids' in school instead of his partying friends.
But a pregnant girlfriend sends his mind spinning and questions going through his mind like 'why is God doing this to me', but He gives Jake the strength to stand by her and push her away from abortion. Does it end happily? I don't know I haven't seen it yet... and don't know if I will?!

This Christian made movie is there to send tough topics out to the world- 1/20/10- and shows them for what they are, empty and void.
Drugs, teenage pregnancy, drinking, suicide, and more happen in this film.
With a good cause in mind, I think they show too much of what you know goes on in the world.
But even if your struggling in your walk with the Lord, your not getting girls pregnant or taking drugs and drinking, so do you need what this movie is trying to tell the American culture?

In my mind I think this is a great movie... for those that need the message.

But if you have a friend you know is having a hard time with those things, tell them about it!