Sunday, June 21, 2009

A cool hotel I cannot aford to stay in...EVER.

We went to take a tour of a hotel down the street from where we were staying, and these were the rooms we saw!
The Roman Spa... with a TV bigger than half our living room, and a private deck outside!
The tree house witch would fit all of us.

The log cabin... complete with outhouse, and deck.

Last but not least the movie room... with popcorn machine, four couches (doubled as beds) and huge movie screen!
If you are ever in the area, it is worth just touring around.

New Hampshire

We went to the bottom of mount Washington at my Grandpa's request, and I must say it looked much like this... no clouds in sight!
This is where we swim... and no that is not us.

This is where we stayed... the view was the one below!

Is not that a wonderful masterpiece!
I wish I had a camera, maybe someday I will!?

I just came back from NH about two hours ago, it rained most of the time but we had fun.

My mom, two of my brothers and myself stayed for one week... but I am glad to be home (sort of. Here are some pics I would have taken... if I had a camera.

But no one in our house even owns a working one!! Shocking news from the Thomsen house!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

About 6.5 billion people live on our planet, 1.1 of those do not have access to clean drinking water
2 million people die every year from water-borne illnesses.
90% of those are children. That's almost one child every 15 seconds.
In some cases children are so dehydrated that they can not cry.

I'm not posting this to make you feel bad (drinking water is good, and we should thank God he has given us such wonderful lives.) I just wish to post this to draw awareness to the cause, and if possible... help those people.
I have started posting the story and info at my local librarys in MA. But the most powerful thing we can do is pray. So I ask you to pray... pray for the children that can't cry.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has no pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." -Henry Tilney: Northanger Abbey

-note 'this is not me saying this about any one person.'

Here is a list of books I hope to read over the summer, and books I highly recomend.

Northanger Abbey,
Little Dorrit,
The Inheritance,
Mansfield Park,
I kissed dating goodbye,
Boy meets girl-say hello to courtship,
Lorna Doone and,
The Importance of being Earnest

I also hope to post book reviews (once I read the book).