Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style :)

As you go here and there on the Internet, sometimes you find the cutest fashion photo's, or old fashioned romantic artwork. Here are some photos I likes enough to share with you :)
A much better version of Romeo and Juliet...

Love this dress... maybe someday I will try and make it?

Loved this movie... and her clothes.


Fashion photography I love

I like the sailor feel to this photo, but also envision this as a stereotypical 'millionaire get together"

Little Dorrit

So I just watched Little Dorrit again... still love it as much as I thought I did.
And wanted to share some of my favorite pictures...
"When I was breaking my heart over her... she was breaking hers. Over you."
John Chivery

"She's a demned fine girl, with no begod nonsense about her!"

"He says 'he's very happy here' I mean 'he's very 'appy here'"!

THE best Dickens EVER!!!