Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Masquerade fashion Event

What a splendid party... There will be more pictures from the ball, but here I thought I would participate in Amanda's Masquerade Event! And here where we were lined up to dance, I the girl in the pink dress....

I tried to recreate Christine Daae's dress from Phantom of the Opera... however did not attempt the bustle on the back because I was doing so much dancing.
And the mask I changed because I did not like my version.

And here again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Photo Shoot at Borderland

Here Emma and I start the album of pictures-taken by Mrs. Mello- when we went to Borderland state park er 'my own estate'.
Chatting on the lawn... see my lovely house!

By the serene pond.

This reminds me of all those romantic english drama's we watch.

This young man's name is Thomsen, Benjamin Thomsen.... you can call him Benjamin Thomsen.


No album would be complete without a picture of the boys in their glory. The stunning Alina... Alina Don't comment!

Thinking of something... far away.

Reading on my -ehem- comfortable couch... no really I want one!

What could that important letter contain?

Some of my loving bosom friends.

Malena, this should be your profile picture!?

Whispering secrets...

When Malena and Alina Maira came to visit me I talked them into dressing up with the Mello's and Emma Lueken, to take pictures at Borderland state park.... ehem 'My house'.
Anyway enjoy.

No comment.
Under the arbor.

In front of my home with my friends.

I shall just call this one art.

Under the Greenwood tree.

At the garden gate.

Yes, I had invited some of my friends to read a letter... and it coused quite the stir!

Alina, the beautiful reading aloud.

Why we take pictures.

Out of the 5 people that were there, for some reason everyone was looking at us!

A beautiful day in New England
In the secret garden.

Inspecting wildlife!

Just hangin'- hanging around


Just a walk on the grounds.

With all my wonderful friends! :)

We would not have been in the water if we knew a large snake was just below our feet!

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, it's lovliness increases it will never pass into nothingness:
but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams and health and quiet breathing.

Kindred spirits.