Friday, July 31, 2009

These are just a few dresses/gowns I hope to recreate someday...someday.
I have never (and will never) see this movie, but I love the costumes. From Silk
I have never seen this one either (but love the costumes) from Young Victoria

And yet again I have never seen this movie... Sweeny Todd

Emma's archery dress from Emma

Molly Gibsons day dress from Wives and Daughters

Molly Gibsons dinner dress from Wives and Daughters

Lorna Doone's peasant dress from Lorna Doone

Winnie Fosters 'I need a new name' dress from Tuck Everlasting

Stranger than you dreamt it gown from Phantom of the Opera

Catherine Moorlands white day dress from Northanger Abbey

I am in the process of recreating this gown, for my 2010 ball!!
(pray for me on this one)

Little Dorrit's day dress and apron (done by Amanda Flynn) from Little Dorrit

Sofie's day dress from Cranford (they are coming out with a number 2)

We shall see how far we get on these.... someday.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I will try to go back to my movie reviews...
This being a new favorite!


Inkheart is a book that has changed a family's life forever. The family torn apart at the beginning of the story must find a way to get back together... and it means an adventure of a lifetime.
Have you ever read a book that was so powerful to you, you could feel the characters come to life in your mind? What would you do if they really did 'come to life'? And what kind of book were you reading? 'Peter Pan'? 'Wizard of OZ'? Some books really do come to life... if the right person is reading them.
Enjoy the adventure as a family.
A good clean film that everybody can enjoy, except those who don't like ticking crocodiles!
some mild violence, mild language, a guy that does not wear a shirt for like a minute, and some Egyptian dude who wears a vest.