Friday, October 2, 2009

While in Virginia my Dad bought me this book, and all I can say really... is... WOW.
At the DO HARD THINGS conference they had this book out on one of their tables, and on stage they had said it was one of the best ProLife books out there.
Thinking about it later I thought why would I need to read a book about ProLife if I have already decided what I believe? And the answer I gave myself was that if I was ever asked why I don't believe in ProChoice and why I am ProLife, I should be prepared with an answer.
And even though I don't believe you have to immerse yourself in 'the other side's' belief's, you should be aware about what they argue about with 'your side'.

I recommend this book to anyone ready to read about abortion in detail.
note: This book has the tendency to make you cry.

Alex and Brett were right... this just could be one of 'the best ProLife books out there'

Please pray for all of us that stand at the green in Attleboro, for the 40 Days for life and those that have been led down the wrong path.