Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just because I wanted to

I love books. So naturally I love bookshelves, and around the 'world wide web' you come across things you like.
Hence this post :D
This is from a dream! One of those bookshelves you find in a old house, with a ladder to climb on... and a nice couch where you can sit and have coffee or something.

If I ever live in a house with slanted ceilings... I am totally building this!

"Honey where is that book?" Oh! To have so many books in your house that you can't find the one your looking for... sigh...

I see this in a NY crib or something :) I don't just want one of these for my kids... I want one for me too!

Interesting... I wonder how this works? So that I can do it in my house.Imagine a finished basement filled with bookshelves like this, instead of video games, ping-pong and pool tables! How wonderful would that be?! You have to click on this picture and blow it up to really see what this is like.

Anyway, I have a lot of idea's for my own house someday... I wonder if my husband will be a book nut like me? Or will I have to lock him in the library for a while?

Thanks for reading my rantings :D



Tristans_Isolde said...

Ohhh wow! those bookshelves are awesome! I love books and bookshelves too, when I get a house of my own I definitely want one with a ladder :)
I love you blog and particularly love the Strang quote on the side :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! You just gave me about 30 ideas for my ever growing book collection! The staircase one in really cool.
Thanks for posting.

Sarah Thomsen said...

@ Tristans Isolde,

thank you for following my blog :)
Have you seen 'The abduction club'?
That is the movie the 'Strang' comment comes from.
thanks for reading :)

Tristans_Isolde said...

I have seen The Abduction club it is my all time favourite movie! I actually have a blog dedicated just to the movie :) I love it so much! I love Byrne the most though hehehe

God Bless,


Sarah Thomsen said...

can I have the blog address?

Tristans_Isolde said...

Sarah Thomsen,

Ohh sorry, of course you can :) I should have linked it in my last comment its


Simply me said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love reading random inspirations like neat!